Our offers

We work in 2 age groups

Krippe » 0–3 years


  • perceptive experiences using all senses
  • in dialogue with our team members
  • in our group room, movement room and water-splash zone
  • in the park, at the playground, in the garden…

Elementar » 3–6 years

  • motor skills/dance in our movement room and in the ESCHE (Jugendkunsthaus) , in parks, on playgrounds and in the nature
  • creative endeavors in the "Atelier" , in museums and other inspirating places
  • building and construction as well as encounters with basic math in the construction room
  • role-playing, theater, music and literacy activities in the role-play room
  • self-defense/capoeira with former Kung-Fu-world-champion Emanuel Bettencourt at the Taiyo Sports Center 
  • Nature experiences in our urban garden, in parks and forests and at lakes, rivers and the sea Education for sustainable development (ESD)
  • German-language development (in small groups and one-on-one)
  • special-needs care 
  • inclusive therapeutic support
  • work in small groups

The Maimouna-Team

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SOAL Quality Development 2/2018
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Nursery for discriminated children
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Un-Doing Gender
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Dear Family, welcome!

We are excited to welcome you on our homepage. This information will help you answer some of the frequently asked questions about Kinderladen Maimouna policies and practices, in case you are interested to register your child with us.



The Maimouna Kinderladen was founded in 1993 as a self-help project for families who experience racism and operates according to the principle of providing a safe space for children from these families.

Our main objectives are the empowerment of parents in the condition of migration or as refugees, a non-racist , gender-reflected and inclusive education as a contribution to fairness and sustainibility in a globalized world and the professional and equal cooperation within the multiculturally composed Maimouna-Team. Maimouna is a educators` initiative and directed by the members of the Maimouna-Team on a non-hierarchical basis.



“The millet doesn’t grow any faster if you pull on it”

We orient our work around the standards of the SOAL-Qualitätsentwicklungs-verfahrens-Kultur des Lernens©, which is based on, among other things, the right of the child to self-learning (autodidacticism), meaning learning based on lived experiences. Our task, in the context of a reciprocal relationship, is to help the children navigate these experiences.


Our quality of education is certificated. As a member of the umbrella organisation SOAL we are in a constant process of quality development according to the criterias of the SOALQE©-Culture of Learning. The focus lies on learning through own experiences in a dialogue between child and adult instead of instructions.

Our educational facility offers a unique opportunity for children between 10 months and 6 years of all backgrounds to learn, play and develop their individuality. Our Kinderladen offers an inclusive atmosphere where social and intellectual stimulation for each child are a primary focus. We offer your children a wide range of experiences, supporting their curiosity and their wish to explore and find out how things work. We accompany them to develop their identity as children of colour and we assist them to become creative members of a diverse society.

In two age-groups (Krippe: 0-3 years, Elementar: 3-6 years ) we offer promotion of self-educative processes in age-related functional areas: 

We offer: 

  • an anti-racist pedagogical foundation
  • 27 years of experience in processes of early-childhood personality development and identity discovery
  • a diverse team with interdisciplinary backgrounds
  • cultural diversity and multilingualism as an everyday experience
  • an inclusive educational philosophy
  • a gender-conscious approach
  • cooperation within a growing network of diverse educational partnerships
  • education for sustainable development (ESD)
  • a full and organic breakfast, lunch and snack (vegetarian, vegan and allergy-sensitive options)
  • empowerment for parents of colour
  • connections to the neighborhood and communities
  • our “parents’ café”
  • anti-racist actions


                     and much more




Our various foto- documentations should be used to talk with your child about his/her activities during the week in your language. All your attention is with your child , when you bring or pick him /her. Therefore the use of mobiles is strictly forbidden in our rooms.



Kinderladen Maimouna respects your right to privacy. We keep the valuable information you share with us confidential. Files are are only available on a need-to know basis to those staff working with your family. Only the parents or legal guardians signing the enrollment forms will have access to these records.



Kinderladen Maimouna is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.
The daily duration of the individual care of your child depends on the hours given by your youth office, indicated on the socalled Kita-Gutschein:
5-hours care: 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
6-hours care: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
8-hours care: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
The Kinderladen is open all year long with the exception of a three weeks break in summer and one week between Chrismas and the New Year. Additionally we close 2 days for trainings and discussions and 1 day for excursion of staff with prior notice by the Maimouna Directory Team.



Kinderladen Maimouna serves two meals and a snack daily.
The children get a decent healthy meal of biological production, consciously selected vegetarian (and also vegan, if wished). We avoid the consumption of sugar. Sweats and sugar or coffein containing drinks are not allowed to be brought into the Kinderladen.

Breakfast is served between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.,
lunch for the younger children is served at 11:30 a.m.,
and for the elder ones at 12:30 p.m.
A nutritional snack is served at 2:15 in the afternoon

Our healthy food concept hast o be regarded, also when celebrating your child`s birthday. We do not accept sugar bombs or other sweats. We recommend to bring a fruit salad instead.



Collaboration in the maintenance of order and cleanliness is important in the whole Kinderladen, especially as toddlers use to explore any corner of the rooms. Parents are expected not to enter with buggies or dirty/wet shoes. Buggies should be locked in the buggy house outside, shoes should be taken off in the entrance. The parents toilets are located downstairs.
In the wordrobes the houseshoes of your child are kept on top, the street shoes on the bottom. Parents ensure their child has enough spare cloths in his / her basket or carton, in case we need to change it. Raincloths are supposed to be hung in their place properly. In our parents` cafe we serve coffee and tea. Parents keep order when using games or books out of our library. Everything has its place.



We can not care for sick children and, for the sake of all children, we are not allowed to let children in who have contagious deseases. He/she may only come back with a doctor`s attestation. In case of absence parents inform us in the morning about the reason. We are also obliged to check the regular preventive medical controls (U1 – U9) in the yellow booklet of your child.



The 5-hours care in Hamburg is free of charge. The parents` fees of 6 and 8 hours care is indicated on the Kita-Gutschein, depending on the family income. This fee needs to be paid in advance till 3rd of every month without request. Additional hours can be booked with prior notice for 8,- Euro /h in between the opening times.
In case you come late we charge 8,- Euro for every started hour. This amount should be paid immediately at the time of pick-up without request.
Parents have to be aware of the duration of their Kita-Gutschein (usally one year) and care for its extention in time. In case of delay we charge you the whole amount that is fixed in the agreement between Hamburg Senat and the Kinderladen Maimouna for each place.



Kinderladen Maimouna believes strongly in the safety and security of your child. As a result, we need you to provide us with the names and information for every person who has permission to pick up your child . We will keep current information in your child’s records. The best way is to introduce these persons to us before they come for the first time to pick your child. If we are not informed, your child will not be released from Kinderladen Maimouna unless you give us permission on phone.
If a custodial agreement is in effect, we need a copy of the agreement, divorce decree, or guardianship papers.



We expect parents to participate in our parents` meetings because they are fundamental for our cooperation. For an individual exchange about the development of your child we offer so called parents` talks (Elterngespräche) twice a year. And, if you have anything to report or question , we arrange an extraordinary appointment with the correspondant educator. If urgent, take the educator aside, so that your child does not listen to what he/she is not supposed to hear.



We offer information days for interested parents. See News
On this occasion we present our concept and our rooms and material and you can register your child on our waiting list. Please enroll your participation by mail or phone.