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Places available



Before a child can begin at Maimouna, an intensive exchange will take place; wherever possible, this will be conducted in your preferred language.

In the “settling-in” phase in the Krippe (generally about three weeks), we expect you to be flexibly available. Please apply for your voucher at the “Jugendamt” (KTB) with at least a four-week lead-up prior to beginning a new job or course of study.




  • In the Krippe (0–3 years):                             12 / 2022
  • In the Elementargruppe (3–6 years):        7 / 2023

Children with special needs welcome !


The Maimouna Kinderladen is officially recognized as a so-called “Inklusionskita,” meaning that we are equipped to support children who have special needs. Children with handicap are welcome.


We don’t focus on the “deficits” of a child but instead concentrate our energy on removing the barriers these children face in terms of learning and participation.

Info days for interested parents of children of color

At the moment, we cannot invite you to info days. Please contact us by filling the form:



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Kita Vouchers for undocumented  Children

Children without papers have access to anonymized Kita vouchers since February 2013. These can be obtained at the Flüchtlingszentrum Hamburg at Adenauerallee 10, tel.: 040-284 079. Upon application, children 1+ years old can receive a voucher valid for 5 hours/day at a Hamburg Kita. The Maimouna Kinderladen offers these spots to children ages 1 to 6. If you need help with the application, please don’t hesitate to call us or come by.


  • In view of its special profile, our institution offers practical work placement opportunities to Persons of Color (PoC)
  • migrants in vocational orientation schemes are also most welcome